Mission and History

What Cheer Writers Club supports Rhode Island's creators of the written, spoken and illustrated word through community events, free and low-cost business services, and, when safely available, discounted coworking space. As an umbrella organization, we serve as a centralized community connecting content creators, fans and literary organizations state-wide.
Since first opening in 2018, the Club has become a centralized hub for the Rhode Island literary community, serving 300+ local creatives, a testament to the need for a community dedicated to the cultivation of the arts in Rhode Island.
The Club's mission is to elevate the content arts in our state by providing accessible workshops and community gatherings where writers can feel supported and known by fellow creatives and patrons of the arts. In addition, the Club seeks to burnish Rhode Island's reputation as a literary destination—a place where content creators thrive.

An idea that began as 'Coworking for introverts' became a thriving society of more than 300 members...The Club has galvanized a network of writers and podcasters that was legion, but disparate and unconnected.

John Taraborelli, Providence Monthly



Anne Holland

Cynthia Holt

Michael Persson

Holly Gaboriault

Board Chair

Club Sponsors and Partners

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Jillian Winters

General Manager

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Jodie Vinson

Program Manager

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Susannah Morse

Program Associate

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Founded in 2018, the Club serves as an umbrella organization supporting our state's writing-related nonprofits, as well as providing coworking, networking and career support to individual creatives.