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What Cheer Writers Club is more than a coworking space, it's a community. While our physical location at 160 Westminster St. in downtown Providence is open to individual coworking, in-person events continue online or outdoors during the health crisis. There are still plenty of ways to get involved: from write-ins, cocktail chats and a Slack  message board to online showcases, practicums and local writing groups on Zoom.

Already a Member?

Join the "virtual Club" on Slack, a messaging platform where Members share resources, online events, writing prompts and more. Slack uses the term "channels" to organize different topics of conversation, as well as direct messages. Please keep discussions positive and inspiring! 
Members can contact Club Staff for access to Slack, which can be accessed on the web, on your desktop or laptop, or on your mobile phone. Here's a handy guide to setting up your account.
Every Friday at 5pm Members meet on Slack for CHEERS, a weekly virtual happy hour call for introverts & creatives to discuss meaningful topics related to the creative life. For upcoming themes, consult our Events page.

Current Writing Groups

Writing Groups

Looking for supportive feedback from like-minded writers? Join one of the local writing groups meeting over What Cheer Writers Club’s Zoom. Each group is organized around a genre or interest area and has its own cadence and structure. Please review our guidelines before signing up. Details on current Writing Groups here.

Poetry Group

Mondays, 5:30pm, weekly

From the Facilitator: Any style of poetry welcome, submissions of 3 pages or less in google doc or e-mail and meet Mondays for an informal, friendly critique and workshop on Zoom. Bring your own work or write to a weekly prompt. 

Science Fiction/Fantasy Writing Group

Sundays at 12:30pm, weekly

From the Facilitator: The SciFi/Fantasy Writing Group is a small gang of active writers of varying ages, levels and publishing experience. Anyone is welcome, as long as what you’re writing falls under the umbrella(s) of science fiction/fantasy/speculative fiction. Submission is optional, and you are welcome to give feedback even if you do not submit.

Writing Group Guidelines

What Cheer Writers Club is committed to establishing a safe space to share your creative work. Writing groups meeting in our physical or virtual space must abide by these guidelines, to ensure an open exchange of ideas between all participants. By joining a writing group you agree to abide by Club’s Terms of Use and: 1. To be respectful of others’ work and keep feedback constructive and positive. Sharing creative work can be vulnerable, so be supportive. 2. To refrain from saying anything discriminatory, hateful, or threatening. This is a community space, and these things will not be tolerated. Harassment of any kind is grounds for removal from the writing group and Club. 3. To abide by the submission guidelines established by your group facilitator and determined by the group. Your group facilitator will provide you with the schedule and format for the group. Please note that some writing groups may have waitlists or request an initial writing submission before joining. We hope you will commit to your group for the long-term support and relationship growth. If you leave the group, please let your facilitator know so they can open the space to someone else.
Writing groups are open to the public, but What Cheer Writers Club membership ($10/month; free for Black, Indigenous, or POC Creatives) is suggested. We need your support!

Download a PDF of these guidelines here.

Group Facilitator Guidelines

As a group facilitator, you have some responsibilities, but What Cheer Writers Club will be here to help support and cultivate a safe space for sharing creative work. How the Club Supports the Group As a Club Member, you have free access to the Club’s Zoom account (unlimited minutes) for all your writing group’s meetings. As this account is shared, we will need to know the dates and times of meetings ahead of time to reserve it for you. It’s best to find a consistent monthly or weekly time so we can provide you with one recurring link that you can share with the group. Please do not post this link publicly. You will be able to use the account without a Staff member present, though we are happy to help you launch your first meeting if needed, and are generally available for tech support. Please do not share the Club’s Zoom login information with anyone else. If you are unable to host a meeting, please assign an alternate host and let a Staff member know. We will arrange separate Zoom access for your replacement on that date. We will recruit and provide names and introductions for anyone interested in joining your group, and offer guidance around keeping the community space supportive and safe. Please note that this means that your writing group is open to the public. If you would like to set up meetings for a private writing group, please contact us at Your Role/Responsibility

  • You will be responsible for establishing the cadence of the group meetings and communicating that with Club Staff as well as the group.
  • With the input from your group, you will help determine the format for group submissions and feedback. If you need help establishing a structure for the group, feel free to adapt these workshop guidelines.
  • You will provide some moderation during the meeting to keep things moving and ensure equal participation, and uphold the Club’s Writing Group Guidelines.
  • We ask that you keep Staff informed of any issues or ideas you may have, and to let us know when your group has reached capacity or does not want to be listed publicly.
  • If you no longer wish to facilitate the group, or the group wishes to dissolve, you will be responsible for informing Staff as soon as possible and assisting in the transition.

    All writing group facilitators must be current What Cheer Writers Club members ($10/month; free for Black, Indigenous, or POC Creatives).

    Download a PDF of these guidelines here.


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