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What Cheer Writers Club is more than a coworking space, it's a community. While our physical location at 160 Westminster St. in downtown Providence is open to individual coworking, in-person events continue online or outdoors during the health crisis. There are still plenty of ways to get involved: from write-ins, cocktail chats and a Slack  message board to online showcases, practicums and local writing groups on Zoom.

Already a Member?

Join the "virtual Club" on Slack, a messaging platform where Members share resources, online events, writing prompts and more. Slack uses the term "channels" to organize different topics of conversation, as well as direct messages. Please keep discussions positive and inspiring! 

Members can contact Club Staff for access to Slack, which can be accessed on the web, on your desktop or laptop, or on your mobile phone. Here's a handy guide to setting up your account.

Once a month on Fridays at 5pm Members meet on Slack for CHEERS, a virtual happy hour for introverts & creatives to discuss meaningful topics related to the creative life. For upcoming themes, consult our Events page.

Current Writing Groups

Writing Groups

Looking for supportive feedback from like-minded writers? Join one of the local writing groups meeting over What Cheer Writers Club’s Zoom or at our headquarters in downtown Providence. Each group is organized around a genre or interest area and has its own cadence and structure. Please review our guidelines before signing up. Details on current Writing Groups here.

Accountability Writers Group
Thursdays at 5pm, monthly at What Cheer Writers Club

The Accountability Writers Group is open to anyone working on a single project in any genre (i.e. novel, collection of poems, screenplay, etc.) who struggles to stay motivated without a deadline and someone (gently) holding them accountable to it. We will meet monthly to share our progress and set new goals for the next meeting.

Diverse Voices of Rhode Island

Saturdays at 11am, weekly on Zoom
From the Facilitator: Diverse Voices of RI mainly critiques Fiction, Short fiction, Non-Fiction (including personal essays and memoir), and plays. Poetry may also be considered. And we foster the development of short/micro fiction through 25-minute writing sessions.

(Non)Fiction Writing Group
2x a month; alternating Wednesdays at 7pm on Zoom, and in-person Saturdays at 11
am at What Cheer Writers Club
From the Facilitator: The (Non)Fiction Writing Group is open to writers of fiction, memoir, lyric essays, graphic fiction/nonfiction, literary journalism, travel writing. Twice a month, we will gather to talk about current projects and favorite books, to workshop pieces of up to 4,000 words, and to write together. Our collective goal is to encourage accountability and community as we offer supportive and constructive feedback on work in progress. 


Queer Writers Group

Last Monday of the month at 7pm, monthly on Zoom

From the Facilitator: The Queer Writers Group is open to all LGBTQ+ writers working in any genre. We will meet on a monthly basis with the goal of cultivating a space for queer writers to discuss any and all aspects of the writing process. This is a space to check in for accountability purposes, have a casual conversation about writing and publishing, as well as share with peers what you're currently working on. Workshops may occur as well, depending on the level of participants' interest.

Romance Writers Group

Mondays, 5pm, bi-weekly at What Cheer Writers Club; Thursdays, 7pm, bi-weekly on Zoom

From the Facilitator: The Romance Writers Group welcomes writers of all experience levels. If you are curious, join us and discover the charms of the romance genre. We will meet bi-weekly alternating between in-person and Zoom. Monday meetings will be at the What Cheer Writers Club co-working space at 5 pm. We will either workshop the attendees' writing pieces or discuss various topics related to romance writing. Thursday meetings will be on Zoom at 7 pm. We will write together using prompts and share our writings. 

Science Fiction/Fantasy Writing Group

Sundays at 12:30pm, weekly on Zoom

From the Facilitator: The SciFi/Fantasy Writing Group is a small gang of active writers of varying ages, levels and publishing experience. Anyone is welcome, as long as what you’re writing falls under the umbrella(s) of science fiction/fantasy/speculative fiction. Submission is optional, and you are welcome to give feedback even if you do not submit.


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Program Director Jodie Vinson
in Motif Magazine