What is Slack?

Slack is an online messaging platform that allows for our Members to stay in touch with Club Staff and other Members! You can use Slack on the web, on your desktop or laptop, or on your mobile phone.

How do I get to the What Cheer Writers Club Slack?

If you are an active Club Member, you would have receieved an invitation from us in your email! If you can't find it, please email Club Staff. If you are not an active Club Members, you can join the Club here! Membership is only $5 - $10/month and helps support the Club and all the local creators we serve.

I need help setting up my Slack.

No problem, you can find a quick guide from Slack here! These are the basic first steps we suggest to get started:

  1. Set your username. We recommend you use the name you use in everyday conversation or your pen name.
  2. Add a photo to your profile. Just as our Member Wall serves as a place to learn who is part of our community, adding a photo to your profile helps Club Staff and other Members know who you are!
  3. Download the app (optional). You can go here to download the app on your desktop if you’d like, or just search for the Slack mobile app in your phone’s app store.
  4. Explore!
If you need further assistance, please email or call.

What can I talk about on this Slack?

Please keep discussions positive and inspiring. Many creatives are in isolation or experiencing high levels of stress due to health, employment and other pressures related to the spread of COVID-19. This virtual community is meant to be a place of respite and creative inspiration. Please feel free to share how you are coping with your new circumstances, but keep conversation generally related to creative practices and how we can use them to get through difficult times. The Club will host writing prompts, focused work sessions, coffee breaks, events, and more happening - some daily and some weekly. There is also ongoing discussions between Members and Staff in our discussion "channels", as well as in Direct Messages. Slack uses the term “channels” to organize different discussion spaces for different topics of conversations. Below is a description of all the channels the Club has created so far for you to explore in Slack. #announcements: This channel is for Club announcements from the Staff. You can read posts (and respond with emoji) in this channel, but you won’t be able to create a post yourself.

#generaldiscussion: This is an open channel where Members can post discussions on writerly topics and creative inspiration.

#coworking: In this channel, Club Staff will be setting up focused work challenges with breaks built in to remind you to get up and move! Tune in for sprints to help you stay motivated, and post encouragement and solidarity for others taking the challenge.

#coffeebreak: This channel is reserved for light-hearted conversation around the virtual “coffee pot.”

#genres: In addition, you may converse in any of the following genre channels in which you write/create/dabble. Discussions will be moderated by Club Staff and should be relevant to the genre.

#screenwriters If there's a channel you think would be useful, please let us know via an email or a Slack Direct Message! Slack Direct Messages are ways you can speak directly to Club Staff or other Club Members.

Steps for joining our virtual What Cheer Writers Club

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